Portable Hand Pump Water Filter,100000Gallons Camping Water Filter Survival,3-Grade Backpacki…



Price: $42.99
(as of May 18,2022 00:43:09 UTC – Details)

Steps for usage:
1.Fix floaters on longer hose.
2.Connect Pre-filter with longer hose.
3.Connect Filter inter with other side of longer hose.
4.Connect shorter hose with filter outlet.
5.Fix clip on hose of shorter.
6.Clamping water cup use clip to make shorter hose into cup.
7.Put Pre-Filter into water.
8.Pull and push handle a few times then water flow out.

Please Note:
1.Please clean the water filter before drinking and after use. Backwash with clean water. If the filter is clogged, immerse the suction tube of the filter in clean water for a few minutes, and then rinse the filter with clean water several times to remove all deposits. Please air-dry the hose and store it in a dry environment. Do not use soap, detergent and other clean materials to clean the bottle or filter.
2.The service life of the filter tube depends on the water quality and frequency of use,which will cause the filter tube may not reach the maximum filtration capacity of 100,000…