30 Day Survival Prep for Beginners

Day 1: Take Stock of the Supplies You Already Have
Day 2: Calculate Your Water and Food Needs
Day 3: Begin Stocking Up On Brand Water
Day 4: Invest in a Solution for Events with No Running Water
Day 5: Prepare for Stagnant Water Usage
Day 6: Clear Space for Survival Supplies
Day 7: Start a List for Tracking and Rotating Food Supplies
Day 8: Create a List of Items to Add on to Your Weekly Shopping
Day 9: Stock Up on Pantry Staples
Day 10: Purchase Some Foods with a Long Shelf Life
Day 11: Make a Garden Plan and Purchase Seeds and Supplies
Day 12: Learn How and Begin to Can Your Own Foods
Day 13: Plant Your Garden and Create a Schedule for Harvest
Day 14: Purchase a Bug Out Bag and Fill It
Day 15: Stock Up on Fire Starters
Day 16: Buy a Hand Crank Radio for Communication
Day 17: Purchase Some Solar Supplies
Day 18: Buy and Learn How to Set Up a Tent
Day 19: Practice Making Outdoor Shelters Out of Natural Materials
Day 20: Purchase Some Defense Gear
Day 21: Learn Some Self-Defense Moves
Day 22: Gather a First Aid Kit
Day 23: Identify Foods You Can Forage Locally If You Have to Bug Out
Day 24: Fortify Your Home from Intruders
Day 25: Make a SHTF Plan for Your Family
Day 26: Prepare for Extreme Heat and Cold
Day 27: Create a Safe Room in Your Home
Day 28: Stock Up and Plan for Your Pets
Day 29: Set Aside a Cash Savings
Day 30: Order Medications and Prescriptions in Bulk